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ASIN: B082Z3D3X6
ISBN: 978-1678900892
Publisher: Amazon Publishing/Notion Press
Format: Kindle eBook and Paperback
Language: English

After 'Fallen' comes the second anthology of poetry by Mark Rocha. 'Resurrection' is a real and unapologetically honest look at love, and the rollercoaster of emotions that come with being in a relationship. From happiness to fear, anger to jealousy, with every rise there is a fall, and with every fall there is a resurrection. The 50 poems in this anthology speak to everyone who has ever known what it is like to have loved and lost, yet not given up on this fickle emotion.



ISBN: 9798887493947
Publisher: Amazon Publishing/Notion Press

Format: Kindle eBook and Paperback

Language: English

After almost 3 years, Mark Rocha, author of Fallen and Resurrection returns with Cross Connection - Author's Edition. Spurred by a writing challenge, Cross Connection is the product of 21 days of inspired writing. As per the challenge by BookLeaf Publishing, writers were encouraged to write one poem for each of the 21 days of the challenge. Though the challenge produced the book Cross Connection, it also presented an opportunity to expand on it with this special Author's Edition.

Unlike the standard version that adheres to the basic 21 poem challenge, the Author's Edition goes even further, featuring 15 extra unreleased poems, interspersed with beautiful abstract illustrations. The book inside has also been completely redesigned, featuring a unique typeset, and a pop of colour in the Kindle eBook version. Since Cross Connection is only available in paperback in India, the Author's Edition has been made available worldwide through the KDP platform.

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ISBN: 9789380151137
Publisher: CinnamonTeal Publishing
Format: Paperback
Language: English

Every day we move closer to an unseen inevitability. The path is segmented, the choices are too many. Those who are ignorant choose to be, and they shall fall. I call out to those who have ears – look to the light, wait for the new coming - believe … 

Fallen is Mark Rocha's first anthology of poetry that explores the darker side of mankind, the side that people are afraid to acknowledge the side that makes us fall. Fallen is a look inside this darkness that is in all of us and a realization that we are not alone with these feelings.


ISBN: 978-1638507178
Publisher: Notion Press
Format: Paperback
Language: English

#Versesoflove is an anthology that celebrates love. From over 1000 submissions in a span of two weeks these vote-worthy poems made it to the top. This collection of poems will serve as a launchpad to bring some of India's greatest contemporary poets into the limelight. 

From poems in the form of letters, romantic ballads to poems that capture a moment, this diverse anthology contains poetry in all shapes and sizes. There's a poem for every reader and a poem for every mood. This anthology is proof of the ever-evolving, fluid, and thriving world of poetry. A must-have for every ardent lover of the art form.

#Versesoflove features the poem 'One Last Photograph' by Mark Rocha